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Bucknell: A Poetic Parody of Allen Ginsberg’s “America”

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

Bucknell, I’ve given you my money and now my parents have nothing.

Bucknell, $55,000 tuition and $15000 for room and board

August 26, 2018.

I can’t stand what you’ve done to my mind.

Bucknell, when will we end the racism on campus?

Go fuck yourself with your expulsion.

I don’t feel happy. Don’t worry about me.

I won’t write my essay till I’m on Adderall.

Bucknell, when will you be intellectual?

When will you stop objectifying women?

When will you look at yourself through my eyes?

When will you be worthy of your false admissions claims?

Bucknell, why is the library filled with gossiping sorority girls?

I sit in my dorm for hours on end watching Netflix.

I smoke marijuana every chance I get.

I’m obsessed with knowing who hooked up with whom.

I talk about it every chance I get.

I’m always being told that I should hook up with him but not him.

I did it anyway.

I wore a short-skirt and a crop-top.

I didn’t ask for it.

Bucknell, you’re filled with privileged bourgeois.

The Cafeteria workers make minimum wage.

I drove past one in my Range Rover.

I didn’t smile.

Or wave.

Bucknell, it’s them ruling class ideals and them liberals.

And them conservatives.

Her wants to rush a sorority.

Her wants to be accepted.

Her wants to be invisible.

Him big bureaucracy didn’t see her anyway.

The Frats want to eat us alive. The Frat’s power mad.

He wants to take control without consent.

Bucknell, I’m sick of your insane oppression.

When can I go to the Bison and get my food for a reasonable price?

Bucknell, it is you who said I would benefit from my years here.

Your apathy is too much for me.

You made me want to be a transfer.

You should have seen me ranting to my professors.

When will you look up from your phone?

I’m trying to talk to you.

I refuse to give up my revolution.

Bucknell, stop monitoring my every movement.

There are students here who haven't read the news in months.

Everyday something new happens and the world changes.

Bucknell, read Marx. You might learn something.

How can I take any of my classes

seriously when most of my classmates don’t?

Bucknell, get rid of Greek life.

Bucknell, stop the false advertising.

Bravman, stop talking and DO something.

Bucknell, we don’t.

Bucknell, you hate everything you preach.

I am everything you preach.

I love Vineyard Vines and my Sperry’s.

I hate how everybody wears them.

Bucknell this is quite serious.

Bucknell this is the impression I get from walking around campus.

Bucknell, is this really what you wanted to be?

We better get right down to the job.

It’s true that I don’t want to dwell in

alienation and apathy while I earn a degree

for the sake of

a job

for the sake of

a paycheck

for the sake of


I’m only one person.

Bucknell, I’m telling you we need to change.

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