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Bucknell Needs BSG President Alex Boyer

We all know it is time for a change. Bucknell’s commitment to homeostasis has permeated to the deepest corners of campus. One of these corners is student government. A body that clings to this aura of the apolitical and stands side by side to the University administration through thick and thin. But there is a glimmer of hope, Alex Boyer ’22.

You may know him from his thoughtful and well-approached pieces that he has shared, but he is also a member of BSG. More importantly, he is running to be BSG president. From this job, he will be given the reigns to the most important student government group in Lewisburg. He will be able to push for our guiding body to challenge the status quo and address things beyond chairs or donuts. To many this change creates fear, a fear that a more progressive BSG president will somehow enrage parts of campus.

The point of the BSG is make campus better, not to keep it the same. This is what Boyer brings to the table. A brilliant and well-informed student voice that can drown out outspoken fans of the establishment. Boyer can move BSG to a place of support rather than a house of apathy. It is time to embrace that change. Share his name. Vote for change. Vote Alex Boyer for President.

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