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Dear Admin, We Want Answers

Why was TKE kicked off campus?

Why are we forced to buy meal-plans that can’t even sustain us for half a semester?

Why is John Bravman a millionaire with a free house while custodians are sleeping in their cars?

On the afternoon of April 13th, 2019, during Admitted Students Day a number of students, myself included, hung banners to raise awareness and spark conversation about Campus Rape Culture, Food Insecurity, and administrative hypocrisy. Why? Because we want answers.

With rampant sexual assault occurring within our community, the University refuses to get to the heart of the issue. Inviting Aly Raisman is not going to stop sexual assault. Having the very people who perpetuate the hook-up culture perceived as ‘allies’ is not going to stop sexual assault. We need actual changes in policies that get to the root of the issue – not band aid solutions.

Did you know Bucknell has a food pantry? Probably not, because the University refuses to advertise it, you cannot even find it through a Google Search. B-Eats is located on the second floor of the ELC and it is only accessible Monday-Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm. And it is not that the administration willingly opened up a food pantry: a dedicated group of staff, students, and professors had to work tirelessly to make it happen.

Furthermore, think of the blatant disrespect that the custodial staff face when they drive by their millionaire boss’ home in a car that they have been living out of. But hey, they can’t expect a pay raise because we need to construct more buildings; buildings that they have to clean. This issue is far reaching – some Academic Assistants are earning a similar wage as the Executive Student Interns.

With so many important issues we have to beg the question: Where is the student voice? Certainly not in Bucknell Student Government, unless you think the real problems are Adirondack chairs and throwing Caroline’s birthday party. We, the students, must realize the severe flaws within the institution. We have to recognize how alienated we are from the solutions to our problems. We cannot rely on the administration – we must take matters into our own hands.

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