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Updated: Nov 18, 2019

The social glue that does hold us together

Comes in the form of kegs and sweaty late night endeavors.

Shouldn’t we find something healthier? Whatever.

A cyclical void of mashed blurry thoughts

Wish I could stop but clearly cannot.

For I have been victimized by the system,

Whose walls are fortified and unbreakable.

Walking around, the same faces, same race.

Chasing to no end this meaningful nothingness.

Oblivious, we are, to the brainwashing relay

Each time we decide to go out and play.

It is cultural norm, to which we conform, that

Holds us captive in its leaden bloody claws.

Our parents would be soberly appalled.

It all bears the question, can you party and learn?

Absolutely not, but fun we still yearn.

Although, with moderation, there exists equilibrium

Only to be pushed over the top,

Leaving perpetual delirium.

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